The Marquis Papers

How can a human cabin boy survive on a ship with a vampire pirate crew? How did he grow up to be a nobleman, an assassin, and the governor of an island?

When my boys were more interested in video games than books I asked them what they wanted. Vampires and pirates, of course. Add it some zombies. For my sake I placed them all in the golden age of piracy, added intrigues of the French courts, and researched all the battles of the time to make it authentic.

I almost sold this one to a traditional publisher. Seriously, I had a New York agent, signed a promotional contract, and he was in negotiations. Then the agent dropped off the radar, I didn’t hear anything from him for months, and I eventually had to fire him.

But Tom Hawkins, our hero, would not leave me alone. So here are the four books of the Marquis Papers. A fast running, swashbuckling, epic adventure!

Book One: Vampire Island Tom is taken by vampire pirates.

vampire island redone cartooned with title for createspace

Book Two: The Red Hand Tom has escaped the vampires, but is taken by vampire hunters.



Book Three: Arctic Refuge Tom learns to become a nobleman


Book Four: The Marquis Tom battles for his life, and is saved from death only to face a greater foe.

The Marquis cartoonedtitled