Morgan And The Other Side Of The Stone

What if you were midway through the Harry Potter saga, stuck in Singapore, and wanted something like it to read? Wouldn’t you write your own book that made you feel the same way? I did, and the result was Morgan, the first of what I imagine to be a twelve book saga (though each one has its own storyline).

Morgan was my first book that I tried to publish back in the days of sending your whole manuscript in to publishers by snail mail. After one rejection, I heard about this new thing called publish on demand, and worked out a deal where I got a hundred copies. Most of them are still in my basement, sitting in their carton.

I nearly lost Morgan with a hard drive failure, but I rebuilt her better than before, and she survives as a children’s story spanning Fairyland, a medieval world, and the United States of my childhood. Buy it hereMorgan trial 61717jpg