Here you will find some stories that I told my children, typed up but completely unedited. Some are dark, some are light, some are great, and some are bad. If they inspire even one parent to tell their child a new story (instead of reading that favorite book over and over) then I will have succeeded.

If you really can’t come up with something, I have some books I wrote for my children as well.

For youngsters, Morgan and the Other Side of the Stone (one death) and Two Pennies coverauthorimage(some ghostly activity).

For Victorian/steam punk lovers, Page Turner. (One death by pencil, magic).

For the fart loving, juvenile crowd (of all ages): Everest Jones Hitchhikes to Betelgeuse.

For the lovers of vampires, pirates, horror, and 17th Century intrigue: The Marquis Papers. 

For the truly dark (intense violence in first chapter, issues of domestic violence without sexuality throughout) Siofra.

For Science Fiction lovers, Miner Six.