Once Upon A Time: A Carpenter Named Joseph

English: Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus
English: Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there was a carpenter named Joseph.  He wanted more than anything to sail the seas in a boat.  But there never seemed to be time to build a boat, and besides, what would a carpenter do sailing the seas?

Joseph did some work for an old merchant who liked how he did things.  “Come with me,” said the merchant. “We’ll go to the coast and make boats.  You make them, I’ll sell them.”  “Will we have an assured income?” said Joseph.  “No,” said the Merchant.  “We will have some risk, but I think it will be fine.”

Joseph thought about it, and decided he couldn’t take the risk.  So he stayed and worked as a carpenter.

Later on, Joseph met Mary, and she had a child that everyone knows about.

But it was Joseph who heard about King Herod and his plan to kill all the boy children.  He took Mary to the coast with him and found the old merchant.  Because he liked Joseph, the merchant arranged for the family to sail across the ocean to Egypt.  There was Joseph, sailing the ocean, because of the troubles of his family.

Sometime later, Joseph died and went up to heaven.  He was pretty upset with God.  “How could you do that to me?” he asked.  “So much trouble, so many problems.”

“But,” said God, “you kept telling me you wanted to sail the ocean.  I sent you a merchant, and you refused to do it the easy way.  So I had to do it the hard way.”

Sometimes the difficult things in our lives are there because of a heart wish that we won’t let go of and won’t let happen any other way.


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