Once Upon A Time: The Clarinet Player

English: Bb- and A-Clarinet, German System (wi...
English: Bb- and A-Clarinet, German System (with Mouthpiece on the Bb-Clar) 日本語: エーラー・システムのクラリネット 2 本: B♭管のクラリネット(左)、A 管のクラリネット(右、マウスピースなし)。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there was a man who played the clarinet. He played beautifully, for the clarinet had become part of his soul. Then one day a man from the government came and told him that he made too much noise and that he could no longer play the clarinet.
At first the man obeyed the rule. He stopped playing and his clarinet was confiscated along with all the other things that the government did not approve. Instead, the man took up knitting, which was approved. He knit beautiful things, but always found his fingers wanting something else.
So the man took up sewing, which was also an approved task. He sewed many great and useful things, but he could not shake the sense that he wasn’t doing it right.
One night the man awoke to find himself playing the clarinet in his sleep. His fingers were dancing and his lips blew, but there was no instrument to play.
The man got up the next morning and protested the loss of his clarinet. Many people told him to sit down and go back to living, but the man persisted. He created a movement, and a great many people listened to his passion and said he would be a great politician. The man did get elected, and his first law was one reversing the ban on clarinet playing. The bill passed, and the man served the rest of his term well and properly. When the end of his term was done, he stepped down. Many people wanted him to run again, but he told them he had done what he set out to do. Then he went back to playing the clarinet, and made beautiful music.


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