Once Upon A Time: The Donkey Marionette

Once upon a time there was a tiny marionette donkey who dreamed of

Donkey Hoadie
Donkey Hoadie (Photo credit: steve goddard)

being a dancer. He would lie in the dusty corner with the other unused marionettes, dragged out for shows of Don Quixote where he would plod along under the fat poncho marionette or run from his master for comic effect. But his master never took him out for a dance number. What fool would want to see a donkey dancing?
Over the years, the marionette company shut down. How could they compete with the electronics? The donkey was sold at auction to pay the debts of the company. The donkey was sold and resold, until he ended up with a six-year-old child who shouted at him and told him that he would be part of the child’s warfare. Those were two horrible years, with the child swinging him about and chipping his paint.
Finally, the child tired of beating on the donkey and he was sold in a garage sale. A man took the donkey home and painted him with nail polish that almost matched his original colors. It is important to note that the man drove a bus in Mexico, and Mexican busses have a shrine on the front of the bus to help the drivers stay safe. There are many good luck charms at the front of the bus. This particular bus was called El Burro, which means donkey in Spanish.

Inside the Mexican Party Bus.
Inside the Mexican Party Bus. (Photo credit: rebecca.shiraev@sbcglobal.net)

The donkey marionette was hung from the rear-view mirror of the man’s bus, El Burro. When the man rides over the pot holed roads of Mexico and blasts his Merengue music, the donkey marionette bounces to the rhythm. If you look closely, you would see he dances to the music, not the pot holes.
Moral:  Never give up on your dreams, no matter how farfetched.


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