Once Upon A Time: The Creature.

Steno's shark teeth from Elementorum myologiæ ...
Steno’s shark teeth from Elementorum myologiæ specimen, seu musculi descriptio geometrica : cui accedunt Canis Carchariæ dissectum caput, et dissectus piscis ex Canum genere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there was a creature. He was of no species, and perhaps looked like several other animals, but only from a distance. His furry, scaly back looked like the floor after a barber had finished his work and then threw old snake and fish scales in among the hair. The creature’s belly was white and dripped a slow ooze of slime like a snail or a slug. He had three legs, which were short and stubby and might have resembled miniature elephant’s feet.
The creature lived under a log at the edge of a swamp forest. He had lived in a suburban hedge after escaping from the zoo, but there was no food there and the sprays on the hedge made him sneeze. So here he was at the edge of the swamp, where there was plenty of dead matter full of grubs.
When the creature wasn’t rooting around with his giraffe nose for grubs, he would sit on his oozing belly and hum to himself. It was a tuneless sort of humming, with his dog lips closed over his shark’s teeth.
After everything he had been through, and given the way he looked you would have thought the creature would have been dangerous or at least depressed. But the creature saw things differently. According to him he was unique, a one-of-a-kind. So he figured he had something special to give to the world and was just waiting for the world to tell him what it was.
Days passed and the creature found himself molting. His fur was coming off in clumps and his scales littered the hole under the log. Even his oozy belly seemed to be puckering up. One day his giraffe nose just fell off, leaving a little pink nose underneath. It was just a few weeks before the creature had transformed into a little boy. He still ate grubs but now he used his little pink fingers.
A couple walking by the swamp found the boy and, after a search for his parents, raised him. The boy grew up and had a very good life. He became a therapist, because very soon he realized that while he had shed all his scales and fur and shark teeth in the swamp, most everyone else had kept all of theirs inside. So he helps other people shed like he did.
Moral: Sometimes people who look strange on the outside are better friends than those who keep all the strange inside.


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