Once Upon A Time: The Cucumber.

List of vegetables in Assam
List of vegetables in Assam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Written at night, right before bedtime)

Once upon a time there was a cucumber. It had been planted as an afterthought after Mr. McGregor had planted all his carrots, but after the rabbits got to the carrots McGregor cleared out the weeds and the cucumber vine took off. It snaked out and around the other vegetables, heading for freedom at the edge of the fence. Mr. McGregor was too busy trying to catch the rabbits and patrolling the perimeter to bother with shortening its journey, so the cucumber took off out of the fence and down the hill.
As the sun warmed the cucumber buds, the cucumbers began to grow. Again, they were ignored for too long, and surpassed the size of good salad cucumbers. As they continued to grow, they reached the size of small pumpkins. Except for one. The cucumber at the end of the vine had found richer soil, and had put down separate roots. So when the vine was cut and the other cucumbers became cow food, this cucumber grew on.
The area that the cucumber rested was warmer than the rest of the valley, heated by an underground vent. So the cucumber grew throughout the winter. In the spring it put out shoots and started its own colony.
As the years went by the cucumber reached house proportions, and that was how the hill fairy found it. He used his own abilities to hollow out the plant while keeping it still alive, and cultivated other cucumbers to grow around it. Eventually his whole clan moved to the valley and started a town. Much later humans discovered the town and built their own homes nearby, trading with the hill fairies through to modern times. If you visit, they will deny it, but the name of the town is Cucumber, West Virginia.


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