Once Upon A Time: The Clothespin.

Clothespins (Photo credit: John-Morgan)

Once upon a time there was a clothes pin. After years of service, it was forgotten on the edge of a frayed bit of clothesline. The clothespin’s one contribution to the world was to make a bit of noise as it bumped against the rusted steel pole. It felt useless.
One day a fierce wind blew through the yard. It smacked the clothes pin mercilessly to and fro. The clothes pin, who had thought things couldn’t get any worse, was battered against the steel pole in a syncopating rhythm unlike anything anyone had heard before.
A street musician passing the yard after an all night bender heard the rhythm. He pulled out his phone and recorded the rhythm. When, a few years later, the musician became the first reggae-rap fusion artist to make triple platinum he told the story of how he’d come up with the rhythm.

Reporters tracked down the yard, and found the weathered clothes pin on the line. It was much photographed, and a collector bought the whole house for a high sum just so he could own the birthplace of the new sound.
Moral: Even when you feel useless, keep on beating. You never know if you are starting to change the world.


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