Once Upon A Time: The Bear

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There was a bear. He lived at the top of a hill and ventured down into the valley very rarely. But when the winter got cold, but when he wasn’t quite sleepy for his long winter nap, the bear would go down into the valley and look at the glowing embers of the village fires and think slow bear thoughts about fires and stars.

One day a foolish man was out getting more firewood in the dark and left the door half open. The bear, who had been sitting out in the dark looking in, nudged the door all the way open and went into the room. It was dark and warm, and he stretched out near the fire. When the foolish man came back in, he was troubled by all the snow that seemed to have blown into the house. He pushed aside the big furry blanket that seemed to have gotten thrown in front of the fire, and built up the fire so it would be stronger. The bear grunted in his sleep and the foolish man froze.

The foolish man tiptoed out of the house and ran down to the tavern, but the the bear, who had been warmed too much by the fire, went out and down into the man’s vegetable storage cellar. There he curled up and kept sleeping.

Having roused all his neighbors, the foolish man led them all to his house, where they found no bear and nothing but a bit of snow to “prove” he had every been there. They patted the foolish man and told him not to bother them again. The next day the foolish man found the bear in his vegetable cellar, but no one came to look. He tiptoed around the bear all winter, even when he was nearly out of vegetables.

In the spring the bear wandered out of the cellar and knocked the man’s door open to go back up into the hills. But when winter came, the foolish man found the bear waiting at his back door. So his cellar became a bear’s den.

Moral: What is good for some may be bad for others.


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